Clinical Tools and Equipment

Bone Marrow


  • Bone marrow aspiration needles
  • Bone marrow separation kits medical tools

Medical Supplies and Equipment


  •  PRP separation kits
  •  PRP machines centrifuge

Adipose Tissue


  • Adipose tissue dissociation kits 
  • SVF isolation machines centrifuge

Cord Blood


  • Cord Blood bags



  • Catheters
  • Infusion sets

Diagnostic Tools

Immunofluorescense Analyzer


 The C-reactive protein (CRP) is synthesized by the liver in response to interleukin-6 and is well known as one of the classical acute-phase reacants. It is used as a marker of inflammation and cardiovascular diseases 

Research Tools

Spermatogenic Maturation Kit "For Research Only"


Each Kit Contains:

  • Artificial Seminiferous Tubule (0.3 micronx10 cm)
  • Loading Media                                                                
  • Maturation Media                                                         
  • Collection Media
  • 5 cm Luer lock syringes 

Keep the kit at 4C

Applications: Visualization and microscopic evaluation of spermatogenesis. Note, the kit has only been validated for mouse.

Expiration Dates:

Tubule: 3 months

Media:  1 month


                  Preparation of Artificial Seminiferous Tubules:

  • In a bio safety cabinet open the sleeve of the Artificial Tubule
  • Using a sterile tweezers transfer the tubule into a sterile 6 cm dish
  • Connect a 5 cm syringe to the port of the Tubule
  • Load 10-20 micro liters of 2-5 days old mouse testicular cells (50-100 millions/ml) util the tubule is filled 
  • Place the tubule in the 6cm dish
  • All 10 ml of loading media
  • Place the dish in a 32C incubator with 5% CO2
  • Perform complete media change at day 3 and 5
  • At day 7, remove all the loading media and all 10 ml of maturation media
  • Perform complete media change at day 10 and 12
  • At day 14, using the other 5 ml syringe and collection media flush the cells out of the artificial seminiferous tubule
  • At this time about 80% of the cells should be haploid mainly round spermatids
  • Extending maturation to 21 days may result in limited number of more advanced spermatogenic cells such as elongated spermatids.